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DNA Set to Music! - Part II 

DNA Set to Music

To continue on with our fascinating discussion of Susan Alexjander’s fascinating DNA music….

Again, a scientific team measured four base DNA molecules: adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine. Each molecule after being subjected to light, yielded about 15 or 18 frequencies; 60 in all. These notes could not be found on our pianos.

Does Everyone Need the Same Music? 

Each individual has different energy. My thoughts, feelings and body are different than yours. My liver might be a slightly different frequency than yours ... so if you had liver problems, you might need a slightly different frequency than I do to provide optimum healing benefit. Some body parts are fairly consistent in their frequency. (Organs are very similar with slight modifications, but soft tissues vary more.) Usually the bones and harder, denser things are a more consistent frequency among people.

A Sound Meditation for Spiritual Evolution 

Last message we reviewed people attuning to higher and higher frequencies and relating this to a musical scale corresponding to dimensions. We discussed Tom Kenyon's newsletter clip underscoring the importance of the pineal gland in humanity’s upcoming evolution. That clip is repeated below and also find a bit of a meditation from Tom's e-newsletter to further develop this gland and your spiritual progress.

Using Sound to Convert Negative Energy to Positive Energy! 

Even negative energy is energy. In antiquity a nifty technique was used to take advantage of the energy - negative energy, by converting it to positive energy ... with sound & music, of course! Here is how it works!

Next time that you feel or are around a strong negative energy... even when watching negative energy on TV... give a tone to that negative energy. Utter a low tone... and a vowel sound... like "uh" or "oh"... Use your imagination, as there is no absolute correct tone...


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