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Astrology & Music!

Here is some of Max Heindel's information relating tones with astrological energies and the parts of our bodies most affected by these tones...

  • A - Capricorn...knees, joints and skin... Saturn
  • A# - Aquarius ...ankles, calves and shins... Uranus
  • B - Pisces...feet... Neptune
  • C - Aries...head and face... Mars
  • C# - Taurus...throat and neck... Venus
  • D - Gemini...lunges, arms and shoulders... Mercury
  • D# - Cancer...breast and stomach... Moon
  • E - Leo... heart and back... Sun
  • F - Virgo...liver and intestines... Mercury
  • F# - Libra...kidneys... Venus
  • G - Scorpio... genitals... Pluto
  • G# - Sagittarius...thighs, knees and hips... Jupiter

This information is quoted from a wonderful book by Ted Andrews, Sacred sounds!

I am Capricorn and find that I do have issues with the frequencies associated with my zodiac sign!

The Biosonic website, developed by John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D., lists benefits of zodiac tones:

  • Sun-tone: Enhances a sense of strength, motivation, self-identity, vitality and radiance. It promotes enthusiasm, assertiveness and determination. (light green…126.22 Hz)
  • Moon-tone: Promotes emotional tranquility, softness and intuition. It enhances feelings, the feminine energy and a flowing flexibility with life. (orange…210.42 Hz)
  • Earth-tone: Enhances the deep security and safety of Mother Earth. It is the cosmic sound of “om.” It grounds and centers us. (orange red…194.18 Hz)
  • Mercury-tone: Strengthens cooperation and understanding. It sharpens communication skills through reason, writing and speaking with confidence. (blue green…141.270 Hz)
  • Venus-tone: Enhances an ability to feel, love, receive and share, and have close relationships. It enhances creativity. It also increases our love of pleasure, harmony and self-appreciation. (yellow orange…221.23 Hz)
  • Mars-tone: Builds strength, desire, motivation and action. It brings out decision-making abilities and assertiveness, while strengthening our courage and sexual nature. (blue…144.72 Hz)
  • Jupiter-tone: Promotes openness, trust, optimism, good fortune and brings a jovial sense of laughter. It helps one to be receptive to grace and adventure in life. (red…183.58 Hz)
  • Saturn-tone: Develops discipline and setting limits with others and ourselves. It helps us to be structured, organized and responsible. (blue…147.85 Hz)
  • Uranus-tone: Enhances ability to make life changes through inspiration, insight and freedom of expression and without self-imposed limitations. (orange…207.36 Hz)
  • Neptune-tone: Creates spiritual experiences and emphasizes compassion. It supports our dream life, artistic nature, music, art, dance and creativity. (orange…211.44 Hz)
  • Pluto-tone: Helps us face our deepest secrets and brings light to the darkness. The energetic forces of Pluto help us let go of old patterns, bringing a rebirth in consciousness. (blue green…140.25 Hz)