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Star Dust: a Musical Astrologic! 

Musical Astrology!

At its roots, astrology was musical that countered challenging forces of the moving planets …that sent to Earth subtle waves below out hearing range.

Below, are two links with fascinating details of musical astrology the ancient art so long forgotten?


Tones of our Uni-Verse 

Things that you don't know about the Stars that can make a Huge Difference in your life!

Hans Cousto’s (German physicist) life work applied his scientific training link the stars and frequencies. In antiquity people believed that there is a deep spiritual harmony in the design and flow of the universe. Music is an expression of this harmony. Cousto was scientifically looking for this.

Three Clues that We Are Influenced  by the Stars 

Three Clues that we are influenced - from the Stars!

The planets in motion create waves - that influence us! This is indisputable science! The waves are below our hearing range, but are recorded by satellites. These star waves intermingle and change the waves of our body, mind and emotions. Star energy is transferred through octave resonance - pushing and pulling us. Many would call this vibratory influence - astrology!

Brain Waves & Sounds of Silence 

Tinnitus is not that common. Tinnitus usually comes from damage to the inner ear. I often hear these little "sounds of silence" in my ears and this could be confused with tinnitus. However, I can produce these subtle sounds at will.

When I focus on them they get louder. These sounds change depending on the time of day, how I feel, and what state of consciousness I am experiencing. When one has tinnitus he hears the same pitch, volume and quality of sound all the time.

Listening to Inner Sounds! 

People are often uncomfortable with silence. We live our lives surrounded by lawnmowers, traffic, TV's, sirens, mp3 players and horns. We are not accustomed to hearing silence and subtleties in ourselves. How could we be?

Many find comfort with constant noise and keep the TV on for long hours. Do we like distractions to avoid the experience of silence? Do we try to escape silence to avoid vulnerability? Our feelings more readily surface in quiet moments. What do we hear in the silence? Do we hear our consciousness? Experience innermost thoughts? Feel our emotions?

Claiming Your Energy of Past Voices 

Exercise: Reconnecting with the Energy of Past Voices

Our voice has changed many times throughout our lives reflecting physical, mental and emotional metamorphoses. For example, our voice at two years old was different than the voice we possessed when we were ages 17, 40 or 80. Our voice is also much different when we are depressed, in love or after we land that big contract at work.

Elements in the Voice 

Adventure into the world of healing with Sound!

Elements in the Voice

Another variation of consciously using our voice to create positive change is demonstrated in the next exercise. In this case we are going to incorporate sounds of the following fundamental elements into our voice:

  • Metal
  • Air
  • Water
  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Earth

The elements can be detected in our voices as follows:

You Are What You Listen To! 

Music makes you feel – it interacts with your emotions. Everyone has snapped their fingers to a lively beat, and relaxed to the soothing sound of the ocean. We all experience sound waves interacting with our emotions. Sound waves don’t isolate our emotions and ignore all the rest of the waves in our bodies. Sound waves interact with all of the waves in close proximity. That is simply science!

Ancient Sounds: Modern Healing New Insights from New Masters 

Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing
New Insights from New Masters

Widely diverse theories on the nature of our universe agree in one intriguing aspect - everything in nature has a vibrational component. Masters and visionaries throughout time - from Edgar Cayce to Stephen Hawking, mystics from Ancient Egypt and India to our Deepak Chopra - share the basic tenet that at the most fundamental level, all inanimate matter and all living systems are particle and wave (matter and energy).


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