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Claiming Your Energy of Past Voices 

Exercise: Reconnecting with the Energy of Past Voices

Our voice has changed many times throughout our lives reflecting physical, mental and emotional metamorphoses. For example, our voice at two years old was different than the voice we possessed when we were ages 17, 40 or 80. Our voice is also much different when we are depressed, in love or after we land that big contract at work.

Elements in the Voice 

Adventure into the world of healing with Sound!

Elements in the Voice

Another variation of consciously using our voice to create positive change is demonstrated in the next exercise. In this case we are going to incorporate sounds of the following fundamental elements into our voice:

  • Metal
  • Air
  • Water
  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Earth

The elements can be detected in our voices as follows:

You Are What You Listen To! 

Music makes you feel – it interacts with your emotions. Everyone has snapped their fingers to a lively beat, and relaxed to the soothing sound of the ocean. We all experience sound waves interacting with our emotions. Sound waves don’t isolate our emotions and ignore all the rest of the waves in our bodies. Sound waves interact with all of the waves in close proximity. That is simply science!

Ancient Sounds: Modern Healing New Insights from New Masters 

Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing
New Insights from New Masters

Widely diverse theories on the nature of our universe agree in one intriguing aspect - everything in nature has a vibrational component. Masters and visionaries throughout time - from Edgar Cayce to Stephen Hawking, mystics from Ancient Egypt and India to our Deepak Chopra - share the basic tenet that at the most fundamental level, all inanimate matter and all living systems are particle and wave (matter and energy).

The Universe As a Symphony of Strings 

The Universe as a Symphony of Strings

What do Fifth Century B.C. Pythagoreans have in common with modern state-of-the art cosmologists & physicists? In a word - strings! For the ancient Greek Pythagoreans it was the lyre string; modern scientists postulate infinitesimally small strings as the ultimate building blocks of the universe.

Healing Vibrations of Snow 

Healing Vibrations of Snow

A deep layer of snow blankets a pristine winter woods landscape - what a favorite scene for us all this time of year. A beautiful and serene wonder of nature occurs when colorless water paints the world white with the magical frosting of the first snowfall. We have an innate attraction to such natural beauty - giving us peace, security and joy.

Secret Sounds 

Secret Sounds

If everyone stopped talking, our personal energy would drop. Our voice creates vibrational energy – with great subtle influence on us! Ancient people knew the power in sounds and words - not from the word’s meaning, but from its sounds. The power is soft and subtle, but ever influencing us.


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