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A Musical Scale to Further our Evolution

Music to Raise our Consciousness

Would you like to listen to a Musical Scale of Attunement to further our Evolution? Patrick Mulcahy [1] researched the Kabbalah [2] and Theosophy materials and formulated an esoteric scale with the frequency of notes based on the multiplication of 49. He details this in his fascinating and easy to understand book, Esoteric Harmonics (Patrick offers this book freely at He makes his living from donations). Mulcahy proposes that the human race attunes to frequencies and as these tones change - so does people’s experiences and lessons learned on this Earth.

After an individual raises his frequency 49 hertz, a new dimension appears -with new initiations - before you take the quantum leap to the next level of human existence. There are dimensional shifts whenever the threshold of a multiple of the 49th frequency is attained. This leap produces freedom of limitation of the past.

In our current civilization people are resonate with the octave that produce the spectral range that the eye perceives. Mulcahy reports that it may have taken millions of years for the eye to gradually evolve to its current form, in response to the culture attuning to the frequencies of the 49th octave, with the result that they are able to perceive form and color.

Patrick Mulcahy continues that perhaps another organ is gradually developing to perceive the frequencies of the next octave (that is a multiple of 49)...the 98th octave. As we evolve we may develop another gland to perceive these additional frequencies. The 98th octave... may be perceived by the pineal gland to focus human consciousness towards a new critical threshold of new light frequencies and open us up to awareness of an exciting & uplifting realm. [3]

The pineal gland has deposits of calcite micro crystals that some esoteric researchers believe might make it possible for the pineal gland to react to the presence of the electromagnetic field. Are we a race straining to perceive these higher frequencies through our third eye and pineal gland?

It is theorized by ancient esoteric schools that the pineal gland is the 'seat of the soul' and has potential to be an organ of higher perception. Perhaps it is an internal third eye. It is sensitive to light according to scientists and its production of melatonin is blocked by sunlight. Tom Kenyon in his newsletter reiterates the mystic opinion of the pineal gland, "The Crystal Palace Within refers to the pineal gland because part of its structure is crystalline in nature. These small calcite crystals have piezoelectric properties that can respond to the higher realms of light. By activating these crystalline potentials within your pineal gland you open a portal to your Higher Mind, which can bring to you, and humanity, an influx of creativity, insight and solutions to personal and collective problems." [4] Next week a sound healing exercise to evolve your pineal gland!

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[2] Kabbalahis a discipline and school of thought concerned with the mystical aspect of Rabbinic Judaism. It is an esoteric teaching to explain the relationship between a mysterious Creator and universe (His creation). While it is heavily used by some denominations, it is not a denomination in and of itself; it is a set of scriptures that exist outside the traditional Jewish Scriptures. Kabbalah seeks to define the nature of the universe and the human being, the nature and purpose of existence. It also presents methods to attain spiritual realization.

[3] Mulcahy, Pat. Esoteric Harmonics, Tuning to the Occult Scale of Sound. AstroQab Publications, 2009. Pg. 56.

[4] A Hawthor Planetory Message from "Tom and Judi"