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A Sound Meditation for Spiritual Evolution

Last message we reviewed people attuning to higher and higher frequencies and relating this to a musical scale corresponding to dimensions. We discussed Tom Kenyon's newsletter clip underscoring the importance of the pineal gland in humanity’s upcoming evolution. That clip is repeated below and also find a bit of a meditation from Tom's e-newsletter to further develop this gland and your spiritual progress. Tom offers a free sound clip for attuning your pineal gland at gifts. He has a wonderful newsletter and beautiful offerings regarding raising your vibrations through sound!

Tom Kenyon in his newsletter reiterates the mystic opinion of the pineal gland, "The Crystal Palace within refers to the pineal gland because part of its structure is crystalline in nature. These small calcite crystals have piezoelectric properties that can respond to the higher realms of light. By activating these crystalline potentials within your pineal gland you open a portal to your Higher Mind, which can bring to you, and humanity, an influx of creativity, insight and solutions to personal and collective problems." [1]

Kenyon continues with instruction for activating and evolving the pineal gland, "shift your attention from your heart center to the pineal gland in the center of your head and listen to the Pineal Gland Attunement. [2] This particular sound meditation is a little over five minutes long, and was specifically created to assist you in activating unused potentials within the crystalline structure of your own pineal gland.

The sounds you will hear are analogs to fluctuations in the light realms. They fine-tune the receptivity and subtle perceptual abilities of this gland. It is very much like switching on an antennae and then tuning it to the higher realms of light and to what we have referred to earlier as your Higher Mind.

For the entire duration of this sound meditation, this Attunement, your awareness is simply in the center of your head, in the area of your pineal gland. There is nothing to do other than to keep your attention in this area. When your mind wanders, you bring it back to the pineal gland.

Let the sounds resonate and activate this area of your brain. Again, depending upon your level of awareness, some of you may simply experience subtle, undefined shifts in this area. Others may experience complex geometries of light. Others may experience themselves outside themselves observing actual fluctuations of energy within the pineal gland. There are many other possible perceptual perspectives as well. The important thing in this phase is to 'not try' to make anything happen. Just allow it to unfold." [3]

[1] A Hawthor Planetary Message from "Tom and Judi"

[2] Download the pineal gland attunement sounds as a free gift. gifts

[3] A Hawthor Planetary Message from "Tom and Judi"