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Ancient Civilizations Used Sound for Healing

Ancient Civilizations Used Sound for Healing

Ancient people used sound and music to heal, balance and uplift their worlds. One crucial way was to identify and properly use the sound of one's name. The sound of one's name was a constant energy influence on someone for his or her entire life; therefore it was important. It was also important how one said their name. Ancient people would say their name with love to align their energies with love. They would say their name with strength to subconsciously impart this energetic message. They also practiced saying words and even letters with love, to make it a habit - to speak with this tone of voice.

In extremely old fables, it was important to only say your child’s name with love – even if the child misbehaved. Some thought that associating negativity with the sound of one’s name, could “color” that person’s entire energy fields and self-confidence. In Africa, if a child misbehaved the entire village would surround him or her, and sing his name (and a song they made for him at birth) with love… to bring him back into the loving arms of the fold.

Part of this secret was to have many people sing and say the person’s name with love. When the Egyptians built the Pyramids many ancient societies organized choruses of 12,000 voices and orchestras of 6000 instruments. I live in a town of only 8,000 people. I can't imagine a chorus of 12,000 people and an orchestra of 8,000 people. Why so big? Ancient sages reported that each singer could access divine energy with the vibrations of their voice; so the more singers, the stronger the vibratory presence of God.

Perhaps - our lives would change if our voices always carried a loving feeling. Perhaps - we could communicate difficult things through the careful use of tone in our voices. How we say our words – does influence people!