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Does Everyone Need the Same Music?

Each individual has different energy. My thoughts, feelings and body are different than yours. My liver might be a slightly different frequency than yours ... so if you had liver problems, you might need a slightly different frequency than I do to provide optimum healing benefit. Some body parts are fairly consistent in their frequency. (Organs are very similar with slight modifications, but soft tissues vary more.) Usually the bones and harder, denser things are a more consistent frequency among people.

Each thought and emotion that you think will vary your own overall harmony and frequencies. So the pitch that you need for your health is different now - than you may need in a year from now - because your thinking and feeling varies over time.

Think of the universe as a huge orchestra and you are a player... the melody changes and so does the music that you sing... simply from being who you are.... Your pitch changes to be in tune with others and the changing universal energies.

That being said, your frequency needs vary all the time. Perhaps your adrenals are stressed from tension and your eyes got strained, so you may need different frequencies to balance yourself than I might.... but the incredibly beauty is that - when we need a tone, instrument or rhythm pattern.... our brains release feel-good we listen to more of it. So to pick the right tones, start to pay greater attention to the tiniest subtleties in music.... but really pay attention to how they make you feel...and where they make you feel good. Pay attention to what feels loving, balancing and calms your energies...and play these tones and music!

Over the eons, the tuning pitch for mankind raises and changes as civilizations evolve. Pitches are associated (and transfer energy to) brainwaves and emotions; when we harmonize with different pitches, we can master new emotions and thoughts. Humanity's tuning pitch is currently rising. Throughout time the tuning notes of music have always changed!

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