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Energy that Shapes You - Your Name!

My story? I experienced a spiritual crisis and decided to adopt the most wonderful ideas of God that I could. I figured this would impact who I was. For example, if my idea of God was that he was unforgiving - that would encourage me to withhold forgiveness as well.

I studied Jewish texts and the Kabballah, the Sumerian scripts, Egyptian papyri, ancient Chines texts and more. (Yes I am a Geek and proud of it.) This search continued for 25 years. As I am a musician I noticed that ancient people used music for the most incredible things - from growing a garden to re-growing a leg! And I am going to share how this energy source can benefit YOU!

In ancient times people's names were chosen for their vibrational gifts. Each name bestows a personal & vibrational gift to a person. The composition of every word has a chemical and psychological significance. Every vowel and consonant has an individual effect on the body. Every word or sound charges a certain area with energy. The physical and emotional bodies are affected by vibration.

  • E denotes a feminine quality of grace, wisdom, beauty and receptivity.
  • O and U have a masculine quality of power and expression.
  • A has the perfection of both qualities.
  • Long I invokes celestial energy.
  • Short I strengthens speaking energies.

I thought it would be fun to think about what you say about yourself when you speak your name. What vowel sounds are in YOUR name!

I used to say my name – like it was a question, as I was unsure of myself. I have taught myself to say my own name with love, and slowly I have been uplifted! Try it!