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Music as a Force

Love Water Crystal by Dr. Masaru Emoto


 More Odd Things Ancient People Did with Sound and Music!

Music was used to alter civilizations. People created music to change people's thinking and emotions. It was even used - like many people today - use drugs!

Several years before the American Revolution, patriotic and freedom songs were popular. The government sent bands to the little towns to get people to enlist. The songs were designed to encourage young men to fight and go to war.

Native Americans used "war" dances to strengthen warriors "mettle" and aggression. In ancient Hindu history, terrifying sounds were used to unnerve and scare enemies. They used a drum so big that it took many elephants to move it!

In the Bible, David played the harp to lift Saul's depression. It is said that that Alexander the Great had his sanity restored by music played on the lyre. The Greek philosophers took people with mental health issues to concerts for therapy.

The Ancient Greeks believed music had the power to heal the body and soul. They used the flute and the lyre for gout and sciatica. Paeans were a classification of ancient Greek songs that cured specific illnesses. Egyptian papyri, over 2,600 years old, refer to "sound" incantations used as cures for infertility and rheumatic pain.

The Ancient Egyptians wrote musical notes and letters on paper and the ink-like substance dissolved in water. They drank the water to heal certain ailments. They believed that the vibrations created by shapes and words created a subtle energy, that when ingested, were healing and enlightening.

These ideas remind of Masaru Emoto's work, showing freezing water affected by positive words produced pleasing and beautiful shapes. Angry words created lopsided and distorted patterns.

One thing for sure, music was more than entertainment! It was tool to change people's energy - boy, mind and soul!