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Sound to Control & Master your Energies

Sound was used in ancient history to control populations! Since the government regulated what music could be heard, they controlled what vibratory frequencies interacted with people, affecting their minds, bodies and thoughts. I know this sounds screwy, but the ancient Chinese did this for thousands of years and their governments (dynasties) lasted for a very long time. I don't know about you, but four years of one president is usually enough for me! However, our government doesn't control the music and sounds that we listen to!

For example, the Chinese dynasties operated Department of Measurements. They controlled the length of instruments to insure what frequencies the people were "tuned" to, when listening to music - to prevent internal bickering and friction. Only harmonious music was heard and the tones were exactly alike from village to village.

They believed that the seasons subtly felt different. For example, it feels different after a fresh snow fall than on a hot summer afternoon. They created seasonal music to balance these energies - for the benefits of their people.

The ancient Chinese used feng shui. All energies were categorized according the elements. This was done simply to give certain feelings and names to types of energies and make it easier to manipulate them. They used some of these techniques in their speaking voices. For example, you can speak with an "airy" voice versus and "earthy" one! An earthy tone has deep tones and sounds grounded. Yet an airy voice does not have need tones within, but changes quickly and easily.

Five Chinese Qualities of the Voice & Reasons to use them:

  • Air - uplifting;
  • Metal - feels clear and resonant. It demands attention;
  • Earth - hope giving, encouraging, tempting;
  • Water - intoxicating, soothing, healing, uplifting;
  • Fire - impressive, arousing, exciting, horrifying, and awakening... (Can give you a warning).

The ancient Chinese changed the tone of their voices to reflect all of these qualities at times. This gave them the gift of balance, stability and power in their lives.

The Sufi even modulates his speaking pitch to be in harmony with another. What a powerful, yet clever way of dealing with difficulties!!!! And you can too! Just by increasing your awareness of the power in your voice!