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Using Sound to Convert Negative Energy to Positive Energy!

Even negative energy is energy. In antiquity a nifty technique was used to take advantage of the energy - negative energy, by converting it to positive energy ... with sound & music, of course! Here is how it works!

Next time that you feel or are around a strong negative energy... even when watching negative energy on TV... give a tone to that negative energy. Utter a low tone... and a vowel sound... like "uh" or "oh"... Use your imagination, as there is no absolute correct tone...

Sound the negative energy via a low tone for 20 to 30 seconds... feel the negative energy and then with your voice raise the tone an octave. An octave is the exact same note only it is 8 notes higher... The negative energy will feel less potent... Continue this for about 30 seconds and then raise the tone up yet another octave.

It doesn't matter if your voice sounds good or not... you are just using your voice to raise the energy, making it more positive.

Soon you will not be able to raise the energy with your voice and it may not go any higher. Now think/imagine the tone an octave higher... As you raise the tone it gets higher and lighter and soon it will not be negative at all.

It will, however, be powerful energy that you can use for good purposes! Let’s say you took the negative feeling of someone yelling at you – as if their voice was a water pistol filled with negativity. You transmuted this energy into a healing and beneficial one and can now use it for your benefit... WOW!