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What Is in Your Healing Singing Bowl?

Did you know that the ancient Tibetan bowls containing 7 metals were made with “sky metal”? That is a form of pure iron from meteorite deposits found in the upper regions of the Himalayas. The metals, including sky metal was collected, melted and pounded into shape (and sound) by metal workers in monasteries on the borders of Tibet. Each of the metals were associated with the planets and elements. The monks would chant mantras and blessings into the bowls while they were being made. These prayers are part of the inheritance of the old singing bowls.

Here are the seven metals used to create the ancient bowls and their associations:


  • Silver - Moon; physical association: time, joy, instinct;
  • Gold - Sun; Sun; physical association: heart, spirit;
  • Mercury - Mercury; physical association: intellect, speech;
  • Tin - Jupiter; physical association: insight, wisdom;
  • Lead - Saturn; physical association: conscience, discipline;
  • Copper - Venus; physical association: love, art;
  • Iron - Mars; physical association: action, sexuality.

What kind of metal is in your Singing Bowl?

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