Our Sonic Universe 

Sound changes us and morphs us constantly - on a subtle basis. Just think about a few of these questions...

Can you be affected physically by music? Yes!

Can you be affected by enjoying a flower? Or the frequencies of flowers? Yes!

Does tiny subtle energy from the movements of the planets in our solar system affect you? Yes!

Do people emit tiny subtle frequencies, based on their physical and emotional and mental status? Yes! Do they affect you? Yes!

Sonic Pest Control - No Toxic Chemicals 

Researchers Turn Up the Noise to Battle Bark Beetles

Researchers from Arizona and a composer from New Mexico have teamed up to launch an acoustic counterattack against beetles that have ravaged millions of acres of trees across the West. The tiny insects make squeaking noises as they tunnel through trees, and now a team at Northern Arizona University is using the beetles' own communication against them.

The Impact of Languages 

The Impact of the Sounds of Languages!

As civilizations change, so do their languages -- in subtle ways bringing about mental, emotional, and physical alterations. The people are exposed to the different sounds with different languages. In ancient Greek times, for example, children were not exposed to vowel sounds, as the associated energies were considered too stimulating during people's early formative years. Many languages, in fact, left out vowel sounds...

What Is in Your Healing Singing Bowl? 

Did you know that the ancient Tibetan bowls containing 7 metals were made with “sky metal”? That is a form of pure iron from meteorite deposits found in the upper regions of the Himalayas. The metals, including sky metal was collected, melted and pounded into shape (and sound) by metal workers in monasteries on the borders of Tibet. Each of the metals were associated with the planets and elements. The monks would chant mantras and blessings into the bowls while they were being made. These prayers are part of the inheritance of the old singing bowls.


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