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Infants & Music! 

Infants and Music!

Aren't these details fascinating? Mothers sing better when their infant is present (1999 study by Laura Lee and William Thompson, York University at Toronto.) Sandra Trehub of U. of Toronto found that babies as young as 6 months prefer consonance to dissonance.

Star Dust: a Musical Astrologic! 

Musical Astrology!

At its roots, astrology was musical that countered challenging forces of the moving planets …that sent to Earth subtle waves below out hearing range.

Below, are two links with fascinating details of musical astrology the ancient art so long forgotten?

Tones of our Uni-Verse 

Things that you don't know about the Stars that can make a Huge Difference in your life!

Hans Cousto’s (German physicist) life work applied his scientific training link the stars and frequencies. In antiquity people believed that there is a deep spiritual harmony in the design and flow of the universe. Music is an expression of this harmony. Cousto was scientifically looking for this.


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