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Tune yourself to the heartbeat of our planet: The secret behind 432Hz tuning 

To understand the healing power behind 432Hz, you must first learn about another frequency, 8Hz. It is said that 8Hz is the fundamental “beat” of the planet. The heartbeat of the Earth is better known as Schumann resonance and is named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, who documented it mathematically in 1952.


The Solfeggio frequencies were lost because throughout history different tuning applications have been used. Ancient tuning practices used a system of tuning known as “Just Intonation.” The method of Just Intonation featured pure intervals between every note that were mathematically related by ratios of small whole numbers leading to a much purer sound.

Hydrosonics, Torsion Fields, DNA, and Your Body 

Dr. Len Horowitz is a D.M.D., M.A.m, M.P.H., D.N.M., D.M.M. AKA a well educated man. He refers to himself as a Humanitarian, Clinician, Scholar, and Prophet. Over the past 30 years he has come full-circle, beginning and triumphing in natural healing. A “World Leading Intellectual,” christened “The King David of Natural Healing” for his BigPharma-indicting award-winning books, DVDs, CDs and documentary films exposing the drug cartel’s medical mischief, he is now focused on teaching “the world to sing in perfect harmony” in 528Hz frequency–the main music of LOVE and healing!


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