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Bo Constantinsen

They were all wrong and I was right,
just like instinctively, I always knew.

They thought it's hormones, hebetic rogue rebellion...
Little they knew how much I hated everything they made me do,
how deeply I despised them and their system,
with their fake uniforms and threats and beatings
and forcedly imposed respect,
and with the constant fear they have inoculated us
through their cheap mockeries and tauntings
used to disguise their traumas and fears.

Their punishments did not succeed to tame me down;
instead, they made me savage and rejectful
and showed me I was capable of so much hate
instead of showing me that Love is my true nature.

All that I learned in school was to get by,
to lie and to pretend, to cheat, deceive and bribe
to meet the standards that I had to meet
simply because I had to be like everybody else.

It was so obvious that it was all in vain;
I knew I'll never have an use for their indoctrinated creeds.
Yet time was passing by and I was meeting standards,
still hating them and the entire system, but relaxed,
because somehow I saw that anything I had in mind
became as real as anything I touched.

Had they succeeded holding me in their grip,
I would have never started asking questions
and so you would be reading something else,
and so you would be doing music like I did for 13 years:
unconscious, dissonant and standard,
rigid and limited and cheap.

Maybe they tried to bring me up the best they could
and it was simply not enough for me.
I really don't care any more, because
I have transcended dogmas. Now I'm free.


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