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DNA, Frequency and Pitch

Only 10 percent of our DNA makes proteins. Russians (biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev & colleagues) have studied the behavior of the other 90 percent of DNA. This portion of our DNA serves as data management and storage. Genetic code follows the same rules as human languages. The researchers compared the rules of syntax (the way words are put together to form phrases and sentences) semantics (the study of meaning in language forms) and the basic rules of grammar. The alkaline of our DNA follow grammar and language rules.

They conclude that that the creation of human languages is not accidental, but a reflection of our own DNA. Simply your words can influence your DNA. Qualifying this, they stated that living DNA would only read words when they are the proper frequency. A spiritual master is adept at applying the proper words in the powerful frequency pattern. This would explain why affirmations are more successful with some than others.

Esoteric and spiritual teachers have known that the body is programmable by words, thought and language, but now the science of this phenomenon is beginning to be explained.

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From the book: The Cosmic Internet