eVer-ON eVents

eVer-ON eVents - Body, Mind & Soul Experience

eVer-ON eVents is a Lys Flower sparkling events production, marketing and planing company.


Mind, Body and Soul Party eVer-ON!!!

Don't call us, we will call you for the parties, ever run for Party eVer-ON!!!

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RICEVA Arts - Representation, Identity, Communication, Expression, Vision, Arena

RICEVA Arts specialises in the use of arts and media for positive impact.


RICEVA stands for Representation, Identity, Communication, Expression, Vision, Arena.

We create customised music events and productions.

We create bespoke media platforms for strategic communication

. We collaborate with universities, research centres and think tanks to combine cutting edge scholarship with artistic innovation. We in particular enjoy creating music and media projects which can enhance individual and collective well being.

We understand the value of the arts and the impact that media has and we're undertaking case studies, which can illuminate new ways of engaging with the arts which can work towards a better world.

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