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Finding Your Fundamental Pitch

The raising of our energies to the highest pitch - without getting out of balance - if a musical interpretation of what spiritual evolution is all about.

All of your thoughts, feeling and physical activities within your body cause vibrations. Each of us then has our own unique overall vibration, which our unique voice reflects.

So how do you find your overall pitch???

Jeffrey Thomas uses medical equipment to measure which tone puts your hypothalamus gland into homeostasis, saying that pitch is your fundamental pitch as this gland controls the others. Fabien Maman used Kirlean photography to photograph cells when they were exposed to various pitches. Your fundamental pitch emits energy in a symmetrical circle, while the other pitches do not.

There are many ways to identify your fundamental pitch. Your fundamental pitch (or composite pitch) will be the pitch that you can sing the easiest and loudest. Try singing different pitches, as if you are a fire siren. Using the same effort, which should make everything the same volume, you will find that some pitches fade and others are amplified in volume. The loudest tone is your fundamental tone.

Compare it to pitches on a piano or a pitch pipe (available free as phone apps) of you want to identify the pitch...for example, it is a F or a B? Others have suggested that you sing the highest pitch that you can without your voice cracking and then the lowest pitch. Your fundamental pitch will be half way there.

The chart below relates your probably fundamental frequency. Sometimes a person shift energy within one lifetime and their fundamental pitch will change.

Colors, Tones & Signs

Signature Color Fundamental Frequency Astrological Sign
Orange D Gemini
Orange Yellow D or E Cancer
Yellow E Leo
Yellow Green F Virgo
Green F or G Libra
Green Blue G Scorpion
Blue G or A Sagittarius
Blue Violet A Capricorn
Violet A or B Aquarius
Violet Red B Pisces
Red C Aries
Orange Red C Taurus