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Heal Yourself with Your Voice

Healing Sounds

Here are some more informative tidbits on healing with sounds from our language!

The Sufis are a mystic order and they have studied the impact of sounds on your body and energy. Here are some of their fascinating about sounds. Perhaps you may want to hum some of these sounds for their benefits!

  • Ah... represents the feeling of unity...golden sound...opens your heart energy and radiate energy.
  • Ooo... (cool) blue...water sound...relaxes energy and draws energy inward.
  • Eee... bright blue to turquoise...air sound...related to mind and thinking.
  • Hmm... top of head...produces rainbow colors. Connects you to spirit.
  • Oh... (As in go) combines ah and oo. This sound affects the endocrine system.

Using information from James D’Angelo,[1] toning different sounds impact our bodies. If used properly they can be quite beneficial.

Impact of Sounds

Sound Stimulated Organs Helps Physical Ailments Too Much Creates Psychological Disturbance
Ssssssss Lungs Asthma, colds Depression
Woooooh Kidney Fatigue, dizziness Anger
Haaaaw Liver Digestive problems Nervousness
Haaaw Heart Sore throat, cold sores Nervousness
Whooo Spleen, stomach, pancreas Nausea, indigestion

I am learning to allow my body speak sounds that sound good to me at the time, with no value to their symbolic meaning! It is empowering, why don’t you try it?

[1] D’Angelo, James. Healing with the Voice: Creating Harmony through the Power of Sound, Thorsons: London, 2000, Pg. 121.