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Hidden Messages Within Someone's Voice

Things that you can learn from another's voice - without paying attention to the meaning of the words!

Quality of Speech may include....

Short sounds - These speeds reflect a person's rhythm and their rate of action. These people are spontaneous - more apt to go with the flow.

Prolonged tones - These speeds reflect a person's rhythm and their rate of action. They plan their actions and think about each step.

Overly talkative - These people quickly react to things, without reflecting on the impact of listeners. They need/want energy generated by the sound of their own voice.

Silent - These people mull things over and do not seek energy and attention from others. They are not the type to enjoy many acquaintances. They prefer the company of one good friendship or perhaps solitude.

Dull - Somewhat depressed, no energy from lower chakras or higher chakras.

High pitched - Stressed or intuitive. airy energy.

Low pitched - often present in people who are action oriented or comfortable in their bodies.

Nasal - These people's energies are diverted from their physical body, emotions and thoughts - like a layer of insulation.

Greater articulation a careful person - one who thinks before he leaps.

Sudden changes in volume and pace - Easily excitable and likes the dramatic.

Powerful voice (not necessarily loud) - This person commands attention.