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The Impact of Languages

The Impact of the Sounds of Languages!

As civilizations change, so do their languages -- in subtle ways bringing about mental, emotional, and physical alterations. The people are exposed to the different sounds with different languages. In ancient Greek times, for example, children were not exposed to vowel sounds, as the associated energies were considered too stimulating during people's early formative years. Many languages, in fact, left out vowel sounds...

As man’s soul and spiritual energies has "involved" into matter (or identified with matter) throughout the ages, he delved into deeper experiences of duality, moving further from God. As the world and energies of man changed, so did his experiences and languages.

One way to recapture the higher vibrations of some ancient cultures is to listen to their extinct ancient languages – taking a vibratory shower into the past! These vibrational matrices can bring back the sounds that created a state in which man could approach God closer.

I often wondered why friends enjoyed listening to Catholic masses in Latin. They didn’t understand a word! They told me that it felt "holy." Now I understand that idea better. Latin is an ancient language. Likewise the Hindi and people from other religions treasure their sacred words, because the sounds transport them into a closer position with God. Sacred sounds leave a trail for us to find the Divine.

Ancient extinct languages are called Languages of Light, in many ancient secret teachings. I often wondered what is so special about them. Through years of studying, I now understand and am prepared to share this secret.

If you say a word over and over for hours under a drum with sand on it, the sand will vibrate, eventually go out to the end of the drum and then travel back inwards. The sand will pile up in some places where it intersects and other places will have no sand. Picture can be created in the sand. In my Ancient Sound Modern Healing book, there are photographs of such pictures. Elaborate patterns and pitches are formed.

For example, one sound creates a perfect picture of a dragon fly. In ancient times that sound would be the name for the dragon fly. These ancient languages of light were not symbolic as our language is today, but they were the vibratory versions of the things (sound waves). In Egyptian (an ancient language of light) the word ben means to walk forward and the word neb means to walk backward (neb is ben spelled backwards). One sound moves energy forward and the other moves it backward. The sound and what it describes are the same. It is far more than symbolic.

The ancient languages were more powerful than those we use today. I think back to the Egyptian magicians and the tales of “Magic Words.” Ahhaaa. I now get it. Magic words were the energetic vibrations of a thing.

Reflecting that all of these powerful languages are now extinct, I feel it is for the best. Today, words hurt people – deeply. They would be a greater weapon if we used more powerful languages. So the weaker vibratory language – saves us from ourselves!