Jennifer Marie Crow

Jennifer Marie Crow (J CrowLove)

Jenn is a modern day Shaman, Energetic Alchemist, Musician, Writer, Personal Historian, Artist and Traveling Light. She has 22+ years of personal study, growth and transformational processing in shifting into the Here Now physical world and heart and soul paradigm; guiding others to their highest good. She meets and greets at the soul level, reflects the light and anchors in the gold.

Her educational pursuits include: Massage Therapy Certification and Orthopedic Sports Massage, Medical Assisting Certification, and Music Performance.

Private tutoring and studies include: Metaphysics, Energy Psychology, Energetic Matrixes, Occult knowledge, Past-Present-Future Life Integrations, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation, Yoga, Spiritual and Animal World Communications, Divine Connections, Vibrational Healing, Sound Healing, Relationship Building and more.

Her Super Powers:

  • Ninja Detective;
  • Grounded StAr Rock;
  • Divine Activator;
  • Energetic Alchemist;
  • Augur in Training;
  • Healing Therapeutic Touch.

Favorite Quotes:
  • Live. Laugh. Love.;
  • Life is a journey, enjoy the ride;
  • Be the change (love light awesome) you wish to see.

Questions of intent: What would you do if you knew that success was the only option? Who would benefit MOST from you accomplishing this mission? How can you take the first step toward it today?

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