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Mantras and their Gifts!

You can chant along with Sri Siva with these chants with a Nightingale Conant program! Experiment with them. Each sound attracts a beneficial energy! They are taken from the Tanul Sidha tradition of Southern India.

  • Satyam, Sivam, Sundaram - to release negative behavior
  • Brzee - for affluence
  • Trishulam - to give courage for risk taking
  • Shreem, Shreeng, Siriyum, Siriyung - sounds of prosperity for home and car
  • Arut, Perum, Jyoti, Tani, Perum, Karunai - to understand God as light, give you Intelligence and the will of God
  • Om, Gum Swaha - for Ganesha the archetype that breaks obstacles
  • Mrt, Yun, Yayaya - for longevity
  • Arul, Karuna, Daya - for compassion and grace
  • Sada, Shivom - to change your current karma to better karma
  • Swarna, Rajadas, Srajam - to give you consciousness to attract a profit
  • Dhiyo ya nah prachodayat - prayer for enlightenment
  • Mrtyor muksiya ma'mrtrat - prayer for immortality!