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Mantras and their Impact on Us

Certain sounds uplift your energies and can be considered a blessings or a divine attribute, such as Om, Hu, Aum and Amen. In the ancient Indian system, the system of mantras includes syllables that give power, bring releases, instill courage, enable one to change and bestow other blessings.

Mantras are "holy energy forms of meditation which are used to charge the body with powers of rapture of the Divine Mind." The book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtag.

Here are some syllables of mantras and their meanings: Om Mani Padme Hum - hail to the jewel in the Lotus

According to ancient writing these sounds are the essence of joy, prosperity and knowledge.

Alice Baily writes of this mantra: "The most sacred of all the Eastern mantras given out to the public, is one embodied in the words, 'Om Mani Padmer hum'. Every syllable of the phrase has a secret potency, and its totality has seven meanings and can bring about seven different results". (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire) Elohim referred to this in the Old Testament. This mantra brings a holy energy and creates a vibratory field of sacred healing space.

Shema, associated with Atlantean and Kabbalah origins, sings chants that bring one into alignment with the feminine energies of God, love, unity, harmony and truth. In the Keys of Enoch, it is written, "Within the Kabbalah, the sacred vibration of the 'Shema' is uttered for it carries with it the collective wisdom of the Masters to enable you to understand how your body can use thought-forms of the higher universe to be reunited with the higher Light body of creation".

Aloha - This is the Huna mantra for love - the creative force of the universe. It opens your heart and connects you with the heart of Earth and God.