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Music and our Energy

Everyone is musical, whether they are trained or not! We are composed of pitches, rhythms and melodies; music is the core of our life energy.

The ancient Egyptians believed that the universe creates harmony, with each solar system forming its own song - each planet creating a pitch in its movements in the sky. Ptolemy, Johannes Kepler and others spent their lives studying and explaining the music of the skies. Max Heindel, a Rosicrucian student, also describes a tonal system of the skies. Rudolph Steiner also does this, and it can be found within the Anthroposophical doctrines.

These important people believe that the tones that were present when you were born still affect you today. In our lives we harmonize with the energies that we come into contact with. Since our own frequencies are unique, when energies come in from the planets' movements in the sky, we each react differently. This is because we create different intervals of music with these frequencies. Our task in life is to harmonize and balance with all of these tones.

Ancient people correlated shapes to sounds. Sharry Edwards, with her abnormal hearing (able to hear tiny sounds that we can’t as the volume is too low) can hear sounds emanating from drawings of shapes. She sang for me the sound of a Templar’s Cross. Dan Davidson in his book, Shape Power, explains how subtle energy emanates from shapes and this can be engineered for benefit. Last time my son broke his bones (Boys will be boys!) the orthopedic surgeon gave us sounds to lessen the time for the bone to heal. Yes I believe that subtle energy from shapes can heal; they are subtle (like quantum energy), tiny packets of energy. You need a lot to notice a difference!

In the book dance of the Planets, it explains the shapes that the star create in their travels. Check out this site, that demonstrates of “sacred” shapes creates by our heavens: