What Is in Your Healing Singing Bowl? 

Did you know that the ancient Tibetan bowls containing 7 metals were made with “sky metal”? That is a form of pure iron from meteorite deposits found in the upper regions of the Himalayas. The metals, including sky metal was collected, melted and pounded into shape (and sound) by metal workers in monasteries on the borders of Tibet. Each of the metals were associated with the planets and elements. The monks would chant mantras and blessings into the bowls while they were being made. These prayers are part of the inheritance of the old singing bowls.

Hidden Messages Within Someone's Voice 

Things that you can learn from another's voice - without paying attention to the meaning of the words!

Quality of Speech may include....

Short sounds - These speeds reflect a person's rhythm and their rate of action. These people are spontaneous - more apt to go with the flow.

Prolonged tones - These speeds reflect a person's rhythm and their rate of action. They plan their actions and think about each step.

Secret Sounds Ultimate Healing! 

Discover Bioacoustics - The science of Frequency Equivalents – the vibratory version of vitamins, toxins, organs and other physical items are available entirely through sound energy. Discover the secret language of the body, improve relationships, and understand mysteries in your subconscious and much more. Riveting, packed with information and wonders.

Medicine Words 

Today we believe that words enable us to communicate; the word has a symbolic meaning. In ancient times, they knew a secret that words had vibratory energy contained within each sound packet.

To unlearn ordinary methods of talking with symbolic words, the Pythagorean school had initiates (students) refrain from all speech for the first five years to learn the reticence of speech, to be able to keep the schools mysteries, strengthen silence and focus on the power of each different sounds/words. Agg! Could you imagine voluntarily not speaking for five years!

Music: A Hidden Source of Energy and Transformation 

Music was once a powerful force, but we have forgotten how many ways it can be used - from improving work production and healing to influencing large groups of people. In an example, work chants were used with sailors, field workers, slaves and soldiers to increase their productivity. Musical rhythms created patterns of organization and controlled movement – for an activity such as rowing a boat. Music created unity and cooperation among workers. The musical rhythm set a fast work pace. It also helped people focus on the music and not the hard, and arduous work.


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