Mantras and their Impact on Us 

Certain sounds uplift your energies and can be considered a blessings or a divine attribute, such as Om, Hu, Aum and Amen. In the ancient Indian system, the system of mantras includes syllables that give power, bring releases, instill courage, enable one to change and bestow other blessings.

Mantras are "holy energy forms of meditation which are used to charge the body with powers of rapture of the Divine Mind." The book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtag.

Language, Sounds and their Impact on Us! 

Ancient Sages appreciated the power of sounds in languages. Many religions still conduct masses in Latin, rituals and ceremonies using extinct languages - because the ancient sounds are considered sacred.

Some believe that as civilizations changed so did their languages, which in a subtle way brought about mental, emotional and physical changes to people - because they were exposed to different sounds.

More on Musical Astrology - Part II 

I found another approach to playing with star tones to bring more harmony into your life! In an excellent book by Ted Andrews, Sacred Sounds, he describes ways to play with musical astrology! (Using the first chart in this series.) Ted calculates the tones of an opposition (of the sun and the moon). These planets can be represented by the tones E for the sun and D for the moon. These two tones when played together - sound discordant - really nasty.

Musical Astrology! 

Author Max Heindel believed that composers created compositions that reflect their fundamental tones - reflecting the astrological energies present at their birth. He shifted the frequencies a note for this chart; In Vedic astrology, the signs shift one note each age.

Finding Your Fundamental Pitch 

The raising of our energies to the highest pitch - without getting out of balance - if a musical interpretation of what spiritual evolution is all about.

All of your thoughts, feeling and physical activities within your body cause vibrations. Each of us then has our own unique overall vibration, which our unique voice reflects.

How Pitches Impact Us! 

Low tones bend around objects...that is why the low sound lingers just a second after they are emitted.

In contrast, high tones are more focused and can shatter old concepts and habits...not to mention that the picture comes to mind of a soprano singer shattering a wine glass! High pitches can open us up to new perceptions and higher energy on all levels of our being.


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