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Our Sonic Universe

Sound changes us and morphs us constantly - on a subtle basis. Just think about a few of these questions...

Can you be affected physically by music? Yes!

Can you be affected by enjoying a flower? Or the frequencies of flowers? Yes!

Does tiny subtle energy from the movements of the planets in our solar system affect you? Yes!

Do people emit tiny subtle frequencies, based on their physical and emotional and mental status? Yes! Do they affect you? Yes!

Do emotions have specific frequencies? Yes!

Is your energy subtly affected by being around a happy puppy or child? Yes!

When you go to a crowd of people, does this energy subtly affect you? Yes!

Can you catch (or emulate) the frequency of another's virus? Yes!

Can you catch the benefits of someone nearby humming or playing an instrument? Yes!

Is humming good for you? Yes!

Do the frequencies of the wind, ocean, bird song, crickets and water uplift you? Yes!

Does the frequencies from stones deep in the ground below you vibrate subtly and intermingle with you? Yes! (Places of good earth energy are usually holy Chartres in France, pyramids...)

Can a specific voice have a healing impact on you? Yes!

Can a specific voice drag you down? Yes!

Does the specific sound of a language affect you? Yes!

Are you a frequency that subtle sings to those around you? Yes!