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Pitches and Emotional Energies

Sharry Edwards has related tones with emotions and health issues. She also correlates your birthday with probable Fundamental Frequencies.

Colors, Tones & Signs

Signature Color Fundamental Frequency Astrological Sign
Orange D Gemini
Orange Yellow D or E Cancer
Yellow E Leo
Yellow Green F Virgo
Green F or G Libra
Green Blue G Scorpion
Blue G or A Sagittarius
Blue Violet A Capricorn
Violet A or B Aquarius
Violet Red B Pisces
Red C Aries
Orange Red C Taurus

Note Correlate Chart

Emotions/Personality Color/Musical Note Physical Body
Self-power, ego, self-direct, excitement, physically motivated Red, C Large thick muscles, gross circulation, female reproduction
Champion of Justice, fair play, hard on self, stubborn, hard on others as a cover Red-Orange, C Tendons, ligaments, tissue linings, circulation of digestion, bowel
Self-approval, expects reciprocation, caretaker, likes to organize, examine and fix self and others Orange, D Liver, gall bladder, pancreas digestion, appetite, production of enzymes and hormones
Information brokers, not apt to share real self easily, uses narrative examples to teach Orange-Yellow, D Cellular oxygenation, transport of mineral and oxygen to eyes and muscles
Self-approval issues, uses words first to convey meaning, likes to be appreciated Yellow, E Moist tissues, lungs, eye rose, bronchial structures, diaphragm, mouth, gums
Planner, ability to see flaws in the plans of others, balance between perception and action Yellow-Green, F Kidney, environmental allergies, prostate, male reproduction, lower back, cranial balance
One who carries out the plans, doer, intuitive about the needs of others, shares and loves wholeheartedly Green, F Blood filtering and screening, manages mineral balances, flow of fluids, nutrients
Game player likes to mix and manage the physical aspects of life, motivated by future events Green-Blue, G Neurotransmitters, balance of minerals and enzymes, bone matrix, water balance
Wants to make a difference, likes to satisfy and help others, hands on, time conscious Blue, G Resource maintenance and storage, with C# retrieves nutrients from the bowel
Spiritual, takes care of the needs of others, interprets/acts from within self Blue-Violet, A Eye Flexibility, electrical issues, non-physical issues, resource management, aging
Highly Intuitive, reads between the lines, can put aside self for the needs of others, likes mental games, hurts easily Violet-Red, A Immune system, adrenal issues with environmental allergies, related body detoxification, oxygen regulation
Meditative, answers to God’s law White, B/C Body systems integration and communication

Used with permission from Sharry Edwards –

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