Simone Vitale

I was born in Rome, Italy, in 1975.

My journey into Sound began when I was 12 years old as I started playing keyboards with my school friends. Since then music has grown to be a big part of my life as I became a professional musician, composer and producer, widening my palette with the sound colours of guitar, bass, percussions and finally voice.

Since 1992 I’ve been performing and recording as a professional musician in various bands and projects and composing music for my own personal project (growing my repertoire from rock/pop/world to meditation and relaxation, evolving my own style), as well as for TVs and Radios in Italy. I’ve also been learning the skills of sound engineering that have become so precious for the development of my own musical production.

Over the last years my relationship with music and sound underwent deep changes. Stimulated by profound personal experiences around the age of 25, I opened myself to the spiritual reality and re-awakened my spiritual path. It was a time of great transformation and the effects of such a process were tangible in every aspect of my life.

The mere entertaining quality of music was no longer enough for me, and I began to somehow notice and understand more clearly a special connection with Sound that had been there all the time. Besides my professional musical activity, in fact, I always used to spend long periods of time just “feeling” the Sound. Timeless moments spent with my first classic guitar looping myself into hypnotic arpeggios, descending deeper and deeper into the rich texture of harmonics, thus creating an open channel with my utmost Self.

I used to call that “relaxing” but, unbeknownst to me, I was actually simultaneously tapping into the “Sound Current” (a concept belonging to several mystic schools) and doing some sort of “vibrational healing” on myself.

Besides my main interest in music, I kept alive my passion for drawing and painting (organizing exhibitions and selling pictures) and my propensity for relaxation massages (sharing with friends and occasionally as a job).

I realized that the relaxing quality of my massages was something that I was capable to somehow instill in music. In more private and intimate occasions, people would find my guitar playing soothing and they even fell asleep listening to it. That made me realize how important and powerful intention can be and how it can merge into the sound. In fact, my intention on those occasions (and very often when I share music) is to create a space for relaxation, where people can let go and listen to their inner voice, to their own internal rhythms as a contrast to the usual “always on the run” state that we experience so often. Years later I found the following quote from Steven Halpern, a renowned healing music composer and researcher: “Sound is a carrier wave of consciousness”.

In 2002, one of the most awakening personal experiences came to me in the form of a videotape. I was going through a deep, introspective healing process under the guidance of a therapist who was leading me to integrate my dreams and my subconscious activity into my daily life. One day she handed me a tape asking me if I could make a copy for her. So it happened that I watched for the first time the “Cymatics” video by Hans Jenny. This documentary is all about the effects of sound on matter and how sound actually creates forms. It was like a spark in my mind that suddenly re-awakened my spiritual connection with Sound.

Following this insight, I have been researching the field of the effects of sound on matter and consciousness as of 2002. I started to practice sound massage with tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks. Using my voice as a tool for self-knowledge and healing was the aim of my early explorations in those years. Meeting Mauro Tiberi in Rome and attending one of his courses was a great inspiration for me and a starting point for the development of my work with voice. I then followed my own path through many different trainings, experiments, workshops, studies and experiences.

During my first trip to India, I spent time in the International Township of Auroville, in Tamil Nadu, where I met one of my teachers, Clare Fanning, who introduced me to her “Vocal Yoga VY” technique ( I completed the training as a certified Vocal Yoga VY teacher, giving classes and workshops both in Europe and India. Later I also became a certified practionner of “Healing Sounds”, the method by Jonathan Goldman (, and member of his “Sound Healers Association”.

As mentioned above, I have been focusing more and more on the relevance of the “intention” we can put into a sound (whether the sound of our voice or of any instrument) and how this intention becomes an actual component of the sound itself. The thought of a possible “Sound/Vibrational Ecology” is one of the main inspirations in my current artistic creation and in the space I share through workshops and music events. Putting my manifold experience in the realm of Music at the service of a higher purpose was somehow the aim of all the learning in the previous phase of my life.

As well as the deepening, examination and practice of the “therapeutic” possibilities of acoustic vibration, I’ve been exploring the world of sacred chanting through group meditations on sound (as presented also in my workshops) and through chanting mantras and singing bhajans (devotional songs). A great inspiration for the latter came through meeting Sri Mata Amritanandamayi, embodiment of the Divine Mother, whose amazing estimation (and example) of the power of expressing the Divine through sound enriched my experience with the spark of devotion. As of 2008, singing these bhajans in Amritapuri ashram in Kerala (India) and in the local satsanggroups in Italy has become a considerable part of my musical journey.