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Sound and Improving Plant Growth

Inventor and agro-sonic researcher Dan Carlson, is the inventor of Sonic Bloom. This technology uses the sound of birdsong to open the stomata of plants, while they apply organic foliar nutrient.

The sound (which is essentially a synthesized version of birdsong), causes the stomata or breathing holes under the leaves to open wider, thus allowing in more carbon dioxide and nutrients. Best results can be obtained by using the proprietary organic foliar nutrient spray that takes advantage of the open breathing holes to feed the plant more effectively.

Using this technique Sonic Bloom often produces yields from 50 to 700% greater than normal. Carlson's own purple passion vine that typically grows 18 inches is now 1350 feet and growing, earning him a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

The technique is the number one project for the government of Indonesia and Carlson expects Sonic Bloom to solve the problems of world hunger. He talks about the resistance he has met with when trying to convince the industry and government that sound might have a role to play in improving our lives.