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Sound, Can it Control People?

Sound - Its Influence on Civilizations - Part I

For the next several weeks, let's jump into how sound and music controls the consciousness of the civilizations. Can you imagine that music could control entire populations? Pretty crazy, huh?

Ancient people firmly believed that tiny, invisible vibrations (such as music) affected people's thinking, emotional and even their physicality! "Vibrations, or sounds, can control civilizations!" wrote ancient officials. An outrageous idea at first glance, but many ancient dynasties lasted thousands of years, while we grow tired of our president in merely four years.

Esoteric societies guarded this data, believing that whoever knew it could control people and for the wrong reasons! They refused to document this secret information. Esoteric students were divided according to their moral and psychic advancement into categories such as initiates, disciples, adepts and masters. This knowledge was limited to verbal discussions among proven adepts and masters guarding this powerful information.

Each esoteric school divulged a few secrets, but I read about so many, I accumulated a wealth of diverse vibratory knowledge. Merely considering these ideas exponentially increased my understanding of the power of music!

Science confirms that sound is effective in entraining brainwaves, which control our state of consciousness. Pretty powerful. Clearly sound and music makes us feel, as we tap our toes to a lively beat and slow down with meditation music. BioAcoustics makes it clear that sounds can also alter our physicality!

Science can confirm that sound does influence us, body, mind and soul. Now the next question...Did ancient people know how to alter music and sound for targeted purposes to control people? What are the rules? How does this work?? Is it being done to us now????

Sparse writings from Rudolf Steiner discuss the musical system of the ancient Lumerians and Atlanteans. The earlier civilization, the Lemerians, listened to a descending musical scale, in which the smallest distance between adjacent tones was equivalent to nine of our notes! This music connected the listener with the "Divine."

Later, the Atlanteans claimed to enjoy a descending musical scale with the notes closer together, yet neighboring notes still encompassed seven of our musical notes. The Atlantean music connected man to his own "Divine Spirit."

In order to hear Lemerian or Atlantean music, one would need to be clairaudient, as only few notes would be in our hearing range. Steiner suggests that man had not "involved" into matter to the extent that we have today, enabling people to hear clairaudiently.

In the next several posts I will go through ancient music and "sound" secrets of ancient mystery schools to see if we can understand how sound can control people!