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The International Organization for Numerical Musical Tuning

The International Organization for Numerical Music Tuning

  Mediating Informed Choice

— your listeners have the right to know —

Just as there are:

  • list of ingredients and nutritional information table on food and drink packaging;
  • chemical component breakdown on water bottles;
  • the type of fabric and materials used for making clothing and shoes on inner labels;
  • list of ingredients in cosmetic products on recipients;
  • technical details and product specifications of various hardware inside user manuals.

so with music, there is:

  • tuning (both scale & reference frequency) and processing (compression levels) information specified explicitly (in numerical form only) on the medium (CD, DVD, vinyl, digital file tag).

The International Organization for Numerical Musical Tuning is an independent international nongovernmental organization (iINGO) concerned with the specifications and guidelines for a standardized, worldwide universal format of defining musical tuning and signal processing through the language of numbers alone.

Guidelines for Tuning Specifications

The following table shows some of the most common examples of ways to declare a tuning.

Guidelines for Tuning SpecificationsGuidelines for Tuning Specifications

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